Play for your share of €20K and the official title of becoming the 2023 IIHF eWorld Champion!

We double the total prize money from €10,000 to €20,000 compared to last year and this year all national teams consisting of two players who will proceed to the group stage will win a percentage of the total prize money pool.

On top of that, the winning national federation as well as both winning players will receive the official 2023 IIHF eWorld Championship Trophy.


On top of that, there is a prize money pool (20.000€) which will be distributed to the players qualifying for the Playoffs (Phase 3) as follows:

1st place: EUR 8’000.00

2nd place: EUR 4’000.00

3rd – 4th place: EUR 1’000.00
5th – 8th place: EUR 800.00
9th – 22nd place: EUR 200.00


The prize money will be transferred to the winning players directly by the tournament administrator (eSport Studio). Each individual player will receive 50% of the amount stated above.