06.11.20, 10:00
Swedish defence bulwark 

'eken45jr' is the Best Defenceman of the tournament

by Christian Bellinger/Alexander Maier

Henrik 'eken45jr' Eklund's wounds will not yet have fully healed after his final defeat to Finland, but his award as the tournament's best defenceman could help him.  

The ice hockey world was looking forward to the big Scandinavian duel between Sweden and Finland in the final of the IIHF Esports Fan Championship 2020 on Sunday, when Sebastian 'SebbeLarsen86' Larsen and 'eken45jr' were surprisingly beaten by Erik 'Tilantekija' Tammenpää and Joel 'rottadee' Myllymäki 8-24. However, the 1-2 and 2-3 defeats of 'eken45jr' in the final did not change the fact that the 20-year-old Swede showed the best defensive performance over the whole tournament. In the three rounds before MVP 'Tilantekija' scored at least 15 goals each, in the final it was mainly Eklund's strong performance that prevented the Finn from another killer victory.  

The reigning Swedish 1vs1 champion made it clear in the national qualifier that he is reluctant to concede goals; in five games his goalkeeper only had to concede six times. In the knockout phase Riccardo 'Tombrick 091' Tombolato and Jaroslav 'J4rincze' Rehor each scored just five goals against 'eken45jr' before Karl 'hswertha23' Caslib, one of the big names in NHL 20™, was waiting for the Swede in the semi-finals. After two epic battles and outstanding defensive work in the second game, 'eken45jr' won 8-7 after 3-4 and 5-3 in the overall score.  

In the following final, the Swedes did not win the tournament, but 'eken45jr' can be more than proud of his distinction as Best Defenceman, considering the high quality of the field. Eklund conceded just 22 goals in eight individual matches in the main round, less than three on average.