06.18.22, 18:22
Impressive 21-4 in the PlayStation qualifier

France's hopes rest on 'moltysanty' and 'Razorgue

by Niklas Aßfalg/Adam Steiss
Photo: IIHF

France has assembled its national team for the IIHF eWorld Championship, with 'moltysanty' and 'Razorgue' set to do the "Grande Nation" proud.

Ranked sixth in Group A, the French missed out on advancing to the knockout stage at the recent 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships. Les Bleus will be looking to do better on PlayStation and Xbox as part of the IIHF eWorld Championship.

An impressive bid for the virtual national team was made by Antoine 'moltysanty' Billarant during the online qualifiers on Friday. He recorded a 21-4 goal differential in four rounds and five individual games en route to victory.

Exciting best-of-3 on PlayStation

Louis 'LwiiDz' Desombre (0-4) was the first opponent to lose in the round of the last 16. Even more unlucky was Loik 'Grizik' Huon, who was defeated 0-7. Dylan 'NHL-Scorp' Sponem managed to score two goals against 'moltysanty' in the semi-final, but still lost 2-6.

The first challenge awaited in the best-of-3 final with Romuald 'Le dentiste' Bergeron, who demanded everything from Billarant. Two narrow 2-1 victories were enough to win the national qualifier and to enter the group stage of the IIHF eWorld Championship – under the French flag.

19 goals in the Xbox finals

Dylan 'Razorgue' Lemonnier, the winner of the Xbox qualifier, will play alongside ‚moltysanty‘. A final on equal terms was not offered for the Microsoft platform, as 'Razorgue' decisively defeated Etienne 'Thedwarfmithril' Rolland.

Lemonnier made short work of his competition with scores of 11-0 and 8-0. It will be exciting to see how 'Razorgue' can hold his own against the stronger international competition at the eWorld Championship.

With 'moltysanty' and 'Razorgue' the French seem to be well prepared to play a role in the fight for the knockout stage in July. It will be a matter of proving that, as a ice hockey nation, they can keep up with the heavyweights of the scene in NHL™ 22 as well.