06.27.22, 15:46
Next national team confirmed

'Freezy' and 'Beres Boldizsar' contest at Hungary eWorlds debut

by Niklas Aßfalg/Adam Steiss
Photo: IIHF

After Norway and Switzerland at the start on Thursday, Hungary has determined its national team for the IIHF eWorld Championship 2022 the day after.

The Hungarians were not represented at the first eSports event in 2020, the IIHF Fan Esports Championship took place without them. Two years later, the Magyars are looking to shine for the first time on the virtual ice of NHL™ 22. The designated duo has now been determined.

On PlayStation, Sebastián 'Freezy' Szepessy was convincing in the national qualifier: After a high-scoring semi-final against Péter 'casillas26' Bohács (5-3), he advanced to the decisive final round against Dániel 'sT3NYY' Steiner, which ultimately turned out to be a clear affair.

'Freezy' with 5-0 in the second final game

After a close 2-1 in the first game, 'Freezy' clearly prevailed 5-0 in the second encounter – he was able to demonstrate both his defensive and offensive skills. Szepessy is supported on Xbox by the second player in the national team: 'Beres Boldizsar'.

After drawing a bye in the first round of the qualifier, Boldizsar had to fight in the semi-finals against Robert 'bubbleg0d' Kleman for the final. The 3-1 score was an exclamation mark that 'Beres Boldizsar' is not only to be reckoned with on national level.

'Beres Boldizsar' clean in best-of-3

And as if to send another hint to future international competitors, Boldizsar turned it up a notch in the best-of-3 final: He followed up his 2-0 win over Zoltan 'FrankDrebin2594' Bozo with an even clearer 3-0 victory in the second match – without conceding a goal to the national team.

Hungary will start the group stage of the IIHF eWorld Championship 2022 as underdogs on July 2. But the global favourites should not underestimate the duo of 'Freezy' and 'Beres Boldizsar'. They have already proven that they can handle the controller.