07.05.22, 10:56
Switzerland also gets through, Ukraine without a point

Group C: 'JrPens' drives USA into quarter-finals

by Niklas Aßfalg/Adam Steiss

The U.S. have already advanced further in the 2022 IIHF eWorld Championship than it did two years ago – despite missing its Xbox player.

A power outage prevented Joseph 'Jos' Olmstead from playing on Xbox on Sunday. With the agreement of all opponents, David 'JrPens' Roebuck, who was supposed to play only on PlayStation, was allowed to play all group matches.

The 2018 NHL Gaming World Championship runner-up put on a perfect first round, opening by beating Switzerland's Sven 'OriginaL-SnuS' Julmi (8-1) and Mirco 'Tron1x90' Salvi (4-2).

'JrPens' with highest win of the group stage

Against Ukrainians Vladislav 'House Pro' Laktionov (8-0) and Vladyslav 'Vladyslav' Kryvchenkov (10-0), his defense also shone. 'JrPens' set off for offensive fireworks after beating Frenchman Antoine 'moltysanty' Billarant 8-2.

In his final group game on Xbox, Roebuck cruised to the highest win of the IIHF eWorld Championship so far. The 25-year-old defeated Dylan 'Razorgue' Lemonnier with a furious 20-2 victory.

With this triumph, the US team will advance to the quarter-finals. They missed out on this goal in 2020, when they lost out to Canada in the round of the last 16.

Switzerland strong against France and Ukraine

Switzerland secured the second place without too many problems. 'OriginaL-SnuS' defeated 'moltysanty' 3-1, 'Tron1x90' made it clearer with an 8-1 win against 'Razorgue'. Against the Ukrainians (7-2 and 5-3) six more points were scored.

'House Pro' and 'Vladyslav' could not get any positive results at the IIHF esports debut of Ukraine. They lost their games of the first round against the French 'moltysanty' and 'Razorgue' with 1-3 and 4-5.