07.05.22, 10:48
Czechia keeps Austria at distance

Group D: Sweden sweeps into first

by Niklas Aßfalg/Adam Steiss

Sweden and Czechia have successfully emerged from Group D, the Scandinavians won every single one of their group matches in regular time.

The presumed top duel took place at the start of group D on Saturday when Sweden and Czechia met. Sebastian 'SebbeLarsen86' Larsen against Adam 'Dzouvi' Mensik (3-1) and Henrik 'eken45jr' Eklund against Josef 'pepcastachurcik' Stachura (3-0) marked the dream start for Sweden.

At the same time, the debutants from Japan had to accept two heavy defeats: Shintaro 'virtil' Nagata lost 0-10 against Max 'Toneee9' Tonitz from Austria. Hiroki 'YOZA' Yoza even conceded 17 goals against Felix 'Feeeelix' Kiss.

Japan without a point, but with three goals

However, the Japanese showed great morale and continued to give their best. They were rewarded with three goals in the games against the Kazakh Alexandr 'Fearix777' Kramar (1-5) and against 'Dzouvi' (1-8) and 'pepcastachurcik' (1-14).

Nevertheless, the Japanese finished last in Group D without a point. Kazakhstan finished the group stage in fourth place – 'Fearix777' (5-1) and Dias 'Diaso88' Imanshapikh (5-0) took all their six points against Japan.

Czechia beats Austria twice by a narrow margin

The fight for second place was between Czechia and Austria, decided by a direct comparison: 'Dzouvi' defeated 'Toneee9' 4-3, 'pepcastachurcik' celebrated a 2-1 victory against 'Feeeelix'. These six points made the difference in the final table.

A perfect group stage was played by the Swedes. After the first two wins against Czechia, 'SebbeLarsen86' and 'eken45jr' also defeated Kazakhstan (10-0 and 6-0), Japan (9-0 and 18-0) and Austria (3-1 and 4-2) twice.