06.17.22, 14:54
'OriginaL-SnuS' and 'Tron1x90' qualified

Swiss return with two familiar faces

by Niklas Aßfalg/Adam Steiss
Photo: IIHF

With Sven 'OriginaL-SnuS' Julmi and Mirco 'Tron1x90' Salvi having won the qualification event, two veteran eSport players will represent Switzerland at the IIHF eWorld Championship 2022.

Anyone who followed the IIHF Esports Fan Championship back in 2020 might recall that 'OriginaL-SnuS' prevailed in the PlayStation qualifier of Switzerland. He will also represent his country on the virtual ice of NHL™ 22 two years later – becoming the first back-to-back participant. 

In 2020, Julmi and Switzerland were upset in the first round against Norway (10-18), and this summer they plan to go further. 

Double digits at the start

Julmi rolled against Patrick 'HockeyPat' Storz with a 10-0 victory in his opening game, then followed that with a tougher 5-3 win against Agit 'TheKillaAtila' Atila. With a smooth 5-0 score against Patrick 'paetu' Burri 'OriginaL-SnuS' entered the final at the Sony console, where he faced Dario 'Zigic93' Gmür. 

OriginaL-SnuS' left no doubt that he would represent his nation at the IIHF eWorld Championship 2022 on PlayStation. A 4-1 and a 7-2 victories and a 2-0 sweep in the best-of-3 format earned him the right to represent the national team at the eWorlds. 

Italy in 2020 – Switzerland in 2022

Another former competitor from 2020 is 'Tron1x90', who also secured a ticket to the main tournament on Xbox. Salvi played for Italy two years ago – now he competes for his second nationality. 

His way to the victory in the national qualifier led over a 4-1 win against Grégory 'gregneu' Neuhaus in the semi-finals and a powerful demonstration against Filip 'dudkovic' Dudek. 'Tron1x90' first defeated his opponent 7-1 and then 9-0 in the Microsoft console final.

Like Julmi, Salvi was eliminated in the first round with Italy in 2020, as his opponent Sweden (10-28) was clearly too strong at that time. Both Swiss teammates will now get another chance to demonstrate their skills in NHL™ 22.