07.10.22, 10:07
'Dzouvi' beats 'SafirSnipezGOLD' twice

Upset alert: Czechia knocks Canada out of the race

by Niklas Aßfalg/Adam Steiss

Czechia came out and posted the first upset of the 2022 IIHF eWorld Championship as 'Dzouvi' and 'pepcastachurcik' eliminated Canada in the quarter-finals.

At the NHL Gaming World Championship in North America, Justin 'Regs84' Reguly had triumphed just a few days ago. At the 2022 IIHF eWorld Championship, however, he will drop out early with the Canadian national team.

'Regs84'was able to hold his own against his strong Czech opponent Josef 'pepcastachurcik' Stachura (4-2 and 1-1), but wasn’t able to overcome the leads posted against his teammate Sayed Safir 'SafirSnipezGOLD' Sodouri .

'Dzouvi' with impressive performance

'SafirSnipezGOLD' lost the opening game on PlayStation against Adam 'Dzouvi' Mensik 2-3. After 'Regs84' had put Canada back in the lead, Sodouri had the chance for revenge – but instead 'Dzouvi' shone.

The Czech player defeated 'SafirSnipezGOLD' clearly 5-2 and brought his national team in the overall lead with 10-8. 'Regs84' could not turn around this deficit against 'pepcastachurcik' and Czechia entered the semi-finals with a 11-9 win.

Reguly, Sodouri win IIHF Sixes

Co-favourites Canada fell victim to its own strategy: 'Regs84' and 'SafirSnipezGOLD' selected the Swedish national team in NHL™ 22 for the quarter-finals - Czechia put all its eggs in one basket with the Canadian national team. Each contending team can select a country to play with only once in the playoff phase.

However, 'Regs84' and 'SafirSnipezGOLD' could still celebrate a victory on Saturday: Reguly and Sodouri were part of Team Canada for the entertaining IIHF Sixes format, played in 6vs6 mode and defeated Team USA 1-0.

Influencers, content creators and eSports pros clashed in the spirit of fun, and Canada prevailed. However, it was little consolation for the surprisingly early elimination at the 2022 IIHF eWorld Championship of the Canadians.