07.11.22, 10:31
'JrPens' remains unbeaten, 'Jos' makes debut

United States hold off Germany, advance to semis

by Niklas Aßfalg/Adam Steiss

The USA has made it to the semi-finals of the 2022 IIHF eWorld Championship. The co-favourites defeated Germany 15-10 on Sunday.

In the group stage, David 'JrPens' Roebuck made it through without the support of teammate Joseph 'Jos' Olmstead, who was not abe to participate due to a technical issue. In the quarter-finals, 'Jos' was finally able to step up and make his debut at the 2022 IIHF eWorld Championship.

His teammate, an early eWorlds MVP candidate based on his group stage performance, opened the matchup by beating German Luca 'Cpt_DirtyDangler' Knoll 4-1 to put USA in the lead. Afterwards 'Jos' got the chance to show his skills for the first time against Kevin 'Kevinator-373' Würterle.

He prevailed on Xbox and extended the US lead with another 4-1 win. In the second PlayStation game, 'JrPens' kept up the pressure and inflicted a second defeat on 'Cpt_DirtyDangler' with a 4-2 victory.

'Jos' entered the last game with a 12-4 lead. There, 'Kevinator-373' shortened the overall result with a 6-3 score – but it would not be enough as the USA moved on to the semi-finals of the IIHF eWorld Championship with a score of 15-10.

Finnish overtime victory in IIHF Sixes

There was no German success to celebrate in the entertainment format IIHF Sixes either. Six influencers, content creators and streamers around German caster Alexander 'Bl00dyLP' Blattmann competed against Team Finland.

In 6vs6 mode, the score was tied 2-2 after three regular thirds. In the overtime the Finnish offence around eSports pros Erik 'ENCEKI' Tammenpää and Valtteri 'Vattuyy' Virtanen secured a 3-2 win against Team Germany.